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Meere Maintenance

My name is John Meere, and I was born in Ottawa Canada. Thanks to my Canadian background, I speak both Dutch and English!

In 1980, I started at M.R.B./ Rumo Dubbelglas, which specialised in placing plastic / Hardwood frames and double-glazing. The frames were finished with hardwood or plastic. Polyurethane foam was also used for the first time in this period. The demolition of frames was always very instructive, as I learned about the structure of steel and wooden frames.

I also learned to place doors at this company. Nowadays, everything is installed using electric screwdrivers and Phillips head screws, but back then, we needed to use normal screws and a normal screw driver. This is unimaginable these days, of course. Another fun experience which seems wildly impossible nowadays is that double-glazing needed to be carried up by two carpenters on two ladders, and then handed over to two other carpenters. The labour inspectorate would not allow this these days. In 1983, I performed 6 months of maintenance work at Hotel Belair, ranging from assessing furniture, locks, bathrooms, taps and wallpapering rooms, and I learned a lot here. After that, I ended up at the HABO, where I gained a diploma in carpentry. I have learned to plan construction work, to calendar concrete building piles, the masonry of foundations on steel, how to make traditional formwork, how to create PU formwork, planning work, setting profiles, fitting doors, windows, setting glass domes, making cabinets walls, the masonry of walls, and the construction of steel structures.       

After a few years, I've moved to England to work there for 6 months, where I've worked for a company called Carters. I worked on a project in Griston where I participated in the construction of a prison. Work included the carpentry of concrete formwork and the adjustment of this. Back in the Netherlands, I returned to the plastic frame industry at the Alink firm. Here, I worked on different projects and installed aluminium, plastic and hardwood frames. I also learned to tile bathrooms, toilets and kitchens here.

I then started to work for a ceiling installation company, and learned to assemble system ceilings. This company installed ceilings in offices, hotels and homes. I have done several P&R projects and managed various activities, both private and commercial, including the construction of expansions, roofs, and performing renovations. I also worked 24-hour service shifts for various housing associations where I was responsible for drilling locks in case of lost keys, fixing leaks due to blockages or burst pipes, and of course for replacing toilets, during evenings, nights and the weekend.

I have also temporarily assessed and solved fire damage in homes. I have also worked at Top Groep, during which I have done various carpentry activities, including the mounting of frames, carpentry finishes, adjustments, and assembly of Trespa panels.

The start of Meere Maintenance

I began working for myself in 1994, when I started to place signs for brokers, and provided 24-hour service shifts for different housing associations. I was mostly drilling locks, fixing leaks, and helping people access their homes again. I worked as a foreman and was responsible for the supervision of various renovations, constructions and maintenance activities for companies like Strukton Bouwprojecten, Ballast Nedam, Intervam, Heijmans.

I have planned work, made foundations, set profiles, made concrete formwork, created walls, placed floor plates with a crane, made emergency facilities to prevent falling objects, adjusted steel constructions, fitted doors, performed demolition activities, built scaffolding, performed carpentry work, and also installed bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

I have always worked with a customer-focussed friendliness which is based on trust.

John Meere

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